Special Christmas Gift for Confirmation Students Wednesday, December 5

Special Christmas Gift for Confirmation Students this Wednesday, December 5 at 6:30 p.m.!

We have a Christmas Gift for your child in Confirmation!

This Wednesday during the Midweek Advent service we will be giving out Bibles to the 6th-8th grade confirmation students.  Historically we have handed out Bibles to the 3rd grade class.  We now build on that tradition.  The Bible that will be handed out is a Lutheran Study Bible.  The Bible is intended to be more in-depth than the previous Bibles.  Not only then are they good for their study during confirmation, but are intended to be a Bible that would keep them in good stead for the rest of their life.  The Bibles are genuinely helpful for many of the questions that one has while reading the Bible.  The word “Study Bible” at first seems daunting, but the intent isn’t academic, it’s just to make the whole of the Bible easier to understand as the comments found below the Biblical text seek to answer many common questions one might have while reading the Bible.

There will be a special ceremony for the handing out of the Bibles during the 6:30 midweek worship service.  PARENTS WILL BE PART OF THE PRESENTATION AND IF IT’S POSSIBLE WE URGE YOU TO ATTEND.

The total cost for the gifts is over $2500, and was secured through the church and also a generous private donation.

More information on the Bible can be found at:

Blessings to you in God’s Word!

Pastor Aaron



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